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abby_is_evil's Journal

103 theresa, 7 deadly sins, abby, all things abby, anti-caitlin coalition, anti-kate club, anti-keegan legion, anti-matthew brigade, being a tease, being bitchy, being easy, being huggable, being lovable, being sexy, bonnets, brain-sucking, bunk beds, cramped sleeping quarters, cryptic messages, cuddling, demonic dolls, dollies of mass destruction, dolls, dolly dearest, doppelgängers, eliminating the competition, emily, exhibitionism, exotic dancing, extermination station, faking my own death, feigning innocence, flirting with death, global domination, global dominatrix, hanging from trees, harry hines, hugs, humping, hussy destruction, j. woods, love, love puddles, mary, medieval weaponry, nasty old men, pigtails, plotting revenge, polyester, possession, ressurrection, seething, selling my body, slaughtering innocent hussies, sleeping with the enemy, smiling, south beach diet, spilling my guts, spooning, stuffing, swimming-in-a-sea-of-sex, tattoos, taylor, the abby voice, the annihilate-caitlin-operation, the destroy-diana-campaign, the kill-jenny-expedition, the meaning of life, vaginal puffs, vapid facial expressions, venereal delicious, virgin sacrifices, voyeurism, witty remarks, wreaking havoc